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February 24, 2012

Such a, um, flattering Photo Booth picture. I'll have someone take a better one with a real, legit camera.

I've got some interesting things to share. Some are fun, some are not.

Creation'll be available March 3rd, 2012. Assuming the books come in on time, you can drop by Page One on Juan Tabo & Montgomery in ABQ, NM from 3-5 on said date to get a first edition copy for $5. While you're there, you can snag a first edition copy of Darkness Surrounding for $5 or a re-released edition for $10.

Dress DIY
I'll be hitting up Goodwill for some dresses/tops to terrorize with paint over the weekend with Elsie's tutorial for hand-stamped dresses. Too cute!

I'm looking for some fashion, non-presciption glasses like these on the cheap to wear to potentially mask my blah-ness or to spice up an outfit. (They're cute!) If you see a big pair like these for less than $10, please snag them for me. I'll pay you back.

I've had this little fluff-head, Taylor, since I was five or six years old. He's nearly fifteen now, and we're putting him down tomorrow. He can barely walk, is pissing himself because of a tumor in his bladder, and now he's not eating. It's going to be different without him, but life is life, and we all die sometime. I hope he'll be in a better place tomorrow.

No need to say sorry or anything. It's not so sad. I mean, it is, but it's nature. He's dying of old age. He had a full, spoiled life. I'll bawl my eyes out tomorrow, but for selfish reasons. He lived the kind of full life all of us hope pets -- and ourselves, for that matter -- will get to live. No sadness there!

I'll leave you with an excerpt from FWYD. I like this passage for some reason. [Unedited, folks. FWYD is in a journal format, and the tense changes are intentional/important. Yesh. Do continue.]

A random excerpt from Flowers When You're Dead

Well, I was sitting there with Winter drinking water, and I didn't know what to say or if I should say anything at all, and suddenly she looks at me and says "you're good-looking." Yeah, that's what she said. Nearly killed me. I haven't heard that before, ever. It's grand. I tell her thanks and that she's good-looking too. I'm embarrassed now and I want to leave. I've never really talked to girls, and here I go like I'm on TV, being all sleazy and forward.
She doesn't take it too bad, though. She smiles again. She's got a nice smile.
"You look kind of like my boyfriend. He's a nice guy. He's picking me and Summer up in a few."
Now goddammit, why'd she have to go and tell me that? I died a little. That wasn't fair. I've seen these things on TV. It means she doesn't like me. Well, shit.
"I'll go away," I tell her.
"Because you don't like me," I say, and I'm getting up and everything.
"No, don't be silly," she tells me. "Of course I like you. You're a nice guy."
"But on the TV, people do that and it always turns up bad."
"What turns up bad?"
"It. You know, the thing. The thing people do. The dating thing."
She's looking at me like I'm hilarious or something.
"You want to date me, Daron? I believe we just met a few hours ago, and I also believe I'm not single. Nice try, buddy. Still, I'd love to be friends. I really would."
I don't really know what to make of that. Friends sounds ok, though. Jakely was a friend. I guess Jordan is a friend. I don't know if Seffy is a friend, but Winter can be one too. I like her enough.
I tell her we're friends, and she smiles again. She smiles a lot. I wonder if her face hurts from doing that so much. Mine would. I haven't laughed in a long time. Well, I laughed during the pictures, and my mouth's hurting now. I feel good, too. Maybe I should laugh more. I'll laugh when I'm alone, though. Never seen anyone laugh all random-like for no good reason. I'll practice in the shower. Laughing makes you smile.
She started talking about something to do with the shop, but I spaced out a little thinking about laughing and smiling and stuff, so I nod along. She asks me what my story is, and now I've got to say something.
"I don't write books, sorry," I tell her.


  1. I appreciate your view on dying pets. Of course it's sad, but if he's pissing himself because of a tumor in his bladder, putting him down is the right thing to do. And, like you said, he had a happy life. So it's more melancholy than anything, right?

    I shall look for glasses for you. Not that I'd be too successful finding anything in that price range, considering my track record lately. I actually have a pair I think you'd like that I only wear about once a year. I'd let you have them, but I'm too much of a hoarder. Sorry. You know how it goes.

    Have a good weekend! You know, minus the dog part.

  2. I'm sorry, Kat. Really, I am. I faced the same situation with my 16-year old dog, Juno. It's good to focus on the long, happy life they led -- but you will feel grief. Don't shortchange your dolorous feelings. My sympathy and support is here for you.

  3. Stuff it, I'm sorry. Your doggie looks adorable. Blowing you one big virtual hug right now.
    I loved that FWYD passage. It looks like it'll be an amazing book.
    Might go get one of those printed dresses meself :)

  4. I really am sorry about your dog:( But he surely had a great life so you should be happy at least for this fact. Anyway I need a pair of those glasses as well.


  5. I am sorry about your little puppy butt. R.I.P. <3
    Congrats on your awesome accomplishment, though! Make sure you celebrate.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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