Thematic Thursdays: Feathers and Frights [v.1]

March 30, 2017

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to introduce a new ongoing project—it's called Thematic Thursdays and will highlight the occasional release of small themed pre-made design collections. This week's collection is titled Feathers and Frights and features designs with an 'angelic' and/or 'sinister' twist (not to mention a healthy dose of lens flaaaare!).

Have a request for future Thematic Thursdays? Leave me a comment! (You can also send any requests through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!)

Making of Monday [v.20]

March 13, 2017

There are certain Making of Monday posts where GIFs speak louder than screenshots (or words). This is one of them. 😉

Now, to present some Things of Possible Interest...

• Reading: I'm currently on book #3 of the Eat, Pray, Die series, which follows the adventures of a professional poison taster working for the rich and famous in LA. If you've read/like Colleen Helme's Shelby Nichols series (about a housewife-turned-mindreader whose newfound powers pull her into the world of organized crime), you might enjoy this series—I'm finding them to be similar in tone. Both are available via Kindle Unlimited! (The Shelby Nichols series—which is nine books long, by the way—is why I started giving KU my money. #worthit)

• Listening to: Greg Graffin (lead singer of Bad Religion) just released a new solo album called Millport. While I'm not blown off my ass by it like I was with Cold as the Clay, I'm still happy to listen to it on repeat. The titular track is my favorite. (Bonus points to Sawmill for reminding me of Firefly.)

Until next time!


Style Your USB Drive for NaNoWriMo (2016 Edition)

October 30, 2016

This is an updated version of my 2013 NaNoWriMo USB drive post (which was, awesomely enough, featured in NaNoWriMo's procrastination station. Whoa!).

Back up your work.

Every year, too many writers lose the one and only copy of their novels due to computer malfunctions, unfortunate accidents, and novel-stealing gnomes. Fortunately, you can avoid losing your manuscript by frequently backing up to multiple locations. (Use two or three from this post for maximum security.) Today, I'm going to show you Mac users how to set up a snazzy USB drive for NaNoWriMo. (If you're using a PC, follow this tutorial instead.)