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April 14, 2012

See this post about my insane schedule. (It seems like I should have posted all that stuff about my English classes on my writing blog, but that just would have made TOO much sense.)

Since I'm crunched for time, I'm going to write some random crap for one minute. Here we go.


"The petunia's are pasty," Mrs. O'Hare said. "Give me something else."
"Ma'am, there's not much left to choose from," the girl behind the counter said. Her hair was lopsided, and it was all Mrs. O'Hare could do to keep from pulling at it with her own two hands. How terribly drab.

Yowza. That's all I got in a minute. I feel like I should have squeezed more out of those sixty seconds. Between Mrs. Dalloway and The Hours, I think I'm shamelessly borrowing Clarissa's flower-buying escapades. Hehe.

Did I mention I can't stand writing in the third person? No? Well, now you know.


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