◎ My AlphaSmart 3000 is smarter than your Paper and Pen

October 18, 2012

Well, I've got to say - I'm impressed. Super, super impressed. The keys are light and bouncy, and the light clacking sound they make as I type makes me feel like a bona fide writer. Ladies and Gents, I present...

As you may have guessed, I received my AlphaSmart 3000 in the mail today (and YES, this post was composed with it!). It looks even cooler and spiffier than I imagined. It's very reminiscent of the old-school iMac computers (I still have mine) in its color scheme and somewhat see-through shell. I was worried that typing on a little screen like this wouldn't have the practicality and ease of a traditional computer, but lo and behold, I have been proven wrong. In fact, the smaller screen size is a plus! (You know, less text to see and therefore less fretting to do regarding editing.)

Now, it's impossible to order electronics without something going wrong. As awesome as this thing is to write on, there is a design flaw that makes the battery chamber sensitive to movement and pressure. Therefore, the unit kept shutting down unexpectedly (but saved my data, which I of course appreciated). A Google search revealed that reinforcing the battery with folded-up paper should eliminate—and did eliminate—the problem. Huzzah! 

As of right now, I'm unsure about using my new writing contraption next month. Will I be able to type as quickly as usual? Will it continue to put undue strain on my wrists? Will it crash and lose several thousand words worth of writing? I'm totally digging this thing and its novel-writing potential, so fingers crossed that the AlphaSmart 3000 helps me rather than hurts me during this year's NaNoWriMo madness!

Oh, and guess what? I named the 'thing' My Precious. #hashtagworthy #willbementionedagain #authormemepotential #hashtagsarequiteuselessinblogger

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  1. Hi Kat, I agree a smaller screen is actually good for go-ahead writing. Even on my computer I limit the view-able page size to four lines mimicking what I get with a typewriter. Thanks for posting. I am looking around for my chance to buy one now. Just too many excellent reviews out there not to try one.


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