Visual Organization Series: Custom Folder Icons

June 05, 2013

Welcome to my first blog series! It's called Visual Organization and is part of an overarching scheme of posts about Overcoming Writer's Block. Heads up, though: it's for Mac users. 

Did you know that you can customize your folder icons? It's surprisingly simple. Before we get into any of the cool stuff (like organizing your current project or creating a directory of agents by genre), though, you'll first need to learn a thing or two about folders. Behold!

1. Select the folder you would like to change the appearance of and press command + i.
2. Open your desired folder icon image.
3. Press command + a to select the entire image.
4. Press command + c to copy.
5. Select the folder icon in the information panel.
6. Press command + v. Voila!

The best part is that this aesthetically pleasing tip works on more than just folders: it works on everything. (Links, text clippings, Word documents, you name it!) We're going to be using this nifty Mac feature in a variety of ways during these next few weeks to create organized novel folders, inspiration pages, awesome agent directories, research collections, and more. In the meantime, stalk around my Instagram account for images such as this:

Let me explain you the art of organizing prospective agents.
(End result looks prettier IRL.)
and this:

Suck at organizing something writing-related? Stoked about re-doing your folders? Do tell down thar. 

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