Painted Alphasmart Round-Up

May 01, 2014

I've talked a little bit before about how much I love Alphasmarts, a decade-old suite of word processing units that are cheaper than a laptop (and are far less distracting; no internet, baby!). My plan is to blog extensively about three particular Alphasmart units in detail—the 3000, the NEO, and the Dana—but until then, I'll let these painted Alphasmart units pique your interest.


{Via Flickr user Jennifer Gilbert}
{Via Flickr user Jennifer Gilbert}
{Via Flickr user E.J. Bear}
{Via Flickr user Elisa Rose}
{Via Flickr user Elisa Rose}

{Image via Flickr user dutch_garvey}

Photoshop Simulation {Via PulsingAdverbs}
{Via Flickr user Beverley}
{Via Jesso}
{Via Vance Fry}
{Via Georgia Mountain Arts}

{Via Flickr user Beverley}
{Via Flickr user dw5454}
{Via Flickr user Kristine C.}


{Via Vance Fry}
{Via Flickr user BrightBlackHeaven}
Stickers! {Via Flickr user solstone}

{Via Flickr user Alan Phillips}
{Via NaNoWriMo participant andyhowell}

{Via Amazon}

{Via Flickr User mpclemens}
{Via TenacityDivine}

Vance Fry, a prominent member of the Alphasmart Flickr community, has some tips about painting your Alphasmart unit on his blog. In essence, you'll need to remove the front and back plastic coverings of your unit and acquire the kind of spray paint that's typically used to touch up car interiors (as it will bond and seep into the Alphasmart's plastic casing for a muy smooth finish). I believe this involves a few scary tasks such as detaching the keyboard, but the general consensus seems to be that as long as you're gentle and backed up your work beforehand, all will be fine.

Have a Alphasmart makeover to add to the list? Leave a link in the comments below!


  1. Hi, I have another couple painted alphasmarts for your collection:

  2. These really are amazing. I'm looking for a community to learn how to do this with.


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