Making of Monday [v.7]

June 02, 2014

Oh, man. I finished over a dozen covers last week—that means I'm set for at least three month's worth of these posts. Because my volume of output has increased that substantially, I might start featuring 2-3 covers per week so that you won't see stuff I did in May only just showing up here in September.

Here are two covers that are currently available for sale on and Etsy. (I decided to start selling on Etsy to gain more exposure; of course, the whole "one-author-per-cover" thing hasn't—and will never— change. Once a design is sold on one site or the other, it's GONE!)

The Secret Life was one of those labor-intensive covers that didn't completely 'click' until the last minute. The version I posted it to my writer's group for feedback had the larger set of poppies coming straight up from behind the title. There were many suggestions thrown around, but the one that worked out was to move them to the side (as seen above). I may or may not have died a little inside from my lapse in judgement, but hell...people don't always nail these things on the first try, right? ...Right? 

Please tell me I'm right. 

First of all, I LOVE that those aren't even her eyes. I don't know what led me to think that I could get away with such trickery, but for a freakalicious cover like this...well, I'd say it works. Unlike The Secret Life, this one fell into place like

...which was, surprisingly, actually the case with the majority of the covers from this last batch. Like with all other things that require practice, the ability to visualize and then pretty accurately realize a specific design does in fact develop over time! (This totally contradicts what I blathered on about in last week's post, of course.)

*raises glass, takes sip*

Until next time, here's a preview of more Making of Monday covers to come!

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