Making of Monday [v.15]

July 13, 2015

It's been almost six months since I've done a 'Making of' Monday post—say whaaaaat?!

Available here.

In retrospect, I think the ornate lettering of The Lunar Chronicles' covers and the overall aesthetic of Insurgent subconsciously inspired this design. Storm Fall was definitely out of my comfort zone, so mission accomplished! (I'm making a point of branching out into new genres this year.)

Cover sales have also surged this year, which is continually mind-blowing for me because I am being paid to do something fun. I even found a copycat who ripped off some of my stuff on Etsy, which was equal parts flattering and rage-inducing. Milestones, y'all.


I recently started writing editing again, and I can't say it's going particularly well so farI'm stuck on trying to transforming my suck-incarnate, exposition-riddled travesty of a first chapter into something—oh, I don't know, interesting—and have to keep reminding myself that it could be worse. A hell of a lot worse. Like, first draft of Darkness Surrounding worse.

Anyway, wish me luck with editing Opal Sky because seriously, I NEED IT.

I have an obsession for American Dad.
I re-play each season on Netflix
over and over

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