My Kelly Bag

January 24, 2012

Obviously, I don't own a Hermes Kelly Bag, although I sure wish I did. I first caught sight of this bag in the movie Le Divorce, and although it doesn't set off sparklers and lust in these pictures, seeing it in action was inspiring. The Kelly bag is damn classy.

So what have I been doing for the past month or so? Looking for a comparable bag online. Etsy, eBay -- basically, I poked my shopping nose just about everywhere. I've spent many a good night stalking through pages upon pages upon pages of red bags.


Finally -- when I was least expecting it -- I found it. The Hermes Kelly bag was there, tucked between the Xhiliration and Mossimo bags in Target. Really, it was.

Ok, I'm shitting you. It was $13 Mossimo bag, but it had all of the elements of the Kelly bag I coveted the most. The fold-over flap. The turn-clasp (it makes me feel so classy and sophisticated to turn the little knob. Don't ask, don't know). The red (albeit darker). The thick, semi-rectangular shape. [It's missing the croc/alligator skin and the cute little handle of the Kelly bag, but it's good enough for a poor ol' college student like me!]

And best of all: when I joined my grandmother at the checkout, she looked at the purse, picked it up, and said "you know, this kind of looks like a Grace Kelly bag."


(Underwhelming post/purse, I know. Still, it's weird little things like this that make me happy. Just FYI. Don't lie -- you do stuff like this too!)


  1. Great bag. I understand the lust we can have for things like this. No need to explain.

  2. Oh man it's adorable I love it!!


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