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June 25, 2012

Ahhh. A new layout. There's nothing like space rearrangement to get the ball rolling.  (Or fingers typing. But I digress.) I've been meaning to redo this blog for a while now and only just got around to it. Over the next few days, I'll have more and more goodies up on the Creation and Flowers When You're Dead pages (excerpts, back story, inspiration, pictures, juicy tidbits, etc).

I was reading through Flowers When You're Dead in search for a mention of a vampire mask and stumbled across a few gems that made me laugh my ass off. Lack of context aside, I hope you find them funny/interesting/WTF-ish as well.

[Daron is eating ice cream with Jordan and Seffy.]

I finish my ice cream, and I really want to ask for another. I'm not going to, though. That'd be weird of me. I have my own money. I could buy one myself. Still, I know in the back of my mind I could buy something better. I mean, I could blow three bucks on something I eat and shit out afterward, or I could buy that jacket, which'll last damn near forever. I like the sound of that better. Shit is useless and stinky.

[Daron is modeling for Seffy's Vintage shop's lookbook.]

     I have to change clothes a couple more times. I feel weird. The stuff is stupid. I don't know who the hell would wear it. Summer's wearing a long red dress that's huge and poofy, and Winter's wearing some sort of Indian looking thing on her head. Anyway, the rest of that went by quick, and then it was all over. Seffy and the guy were packing up, so the rest of us went into the shop. I looked at some of the stuff because I'd never seen it before.
     There was some frilly lace thing in one of the rack things, so I picked it up and looked at it.
     "Are you a fag? That's a petticoat. A girl's petticoat."
     Well, I'm done with her shit. I walk up to Summer and push the fluffy little petticoat into her chest, and I'm about to hit her, but I can't do it.
     "Fuck off," I tell her instead, and I go look at something else. God, I can't stand her. I wish she'd go away.
     "Excuse me?" she keeps saying all overdramatic-like, but I ignore her. I'm looking at guy stuff now. I don't think I've ever had a single nice thing in my life besides Jakely. All my clothes are shit. I'm about to go away, but I see something I kind of like. It's this big, clunky watch.  It's all silvery and black and red and kind of reminds me of my collage. I pick it up and go over to Winter.
     "How much is this?" I ask her. I hope it's not too much.
     "Shit, I forgot we even had that. I guess I'm used to seeing it given it hasn't budged since we opened the shop. It doesn't work. Just take it, actually. We're not gonna miss it or anything. Tell Seffy you bought it if she asks, though. Ten bucks."
     I tell her thank you, and I've got it on my left wrist now. My very own watch. I feel all grown up even though I'm nearly twenty goddamn years old. I don't mind that it doesn't work. It's like I'm in control. I can spin the little lines around and make it be whatever time I want it to be. It's a grand feeling.

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