The Atavists Trilogy

October 01, 2012

Hey, all! If you haven't noticed, this blog has a new URL ( I may or may not be changing the appearance on here yet again to make it more, well, blog-like and laid-back. (It's currently stuck in a professional-but-not limbo state.) My main site,, will serve as a more "professional" space sans blog feature. It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad to have finally gotten it out of the way.

I am currently blogging heavily on Additionally, I have reopened the Darkness Surrounding 2.0 file and am having a blast reviewing the changes I made over the summer. I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but it's easier knowing that I'm finally going to do Zanni justice. She was supposed to be such a cocky and confident character, and somewhere along the way, my then seventeen-year-old brain decided to annihilate that plan and turn her into a bowl of plain oatmeal. I can't express how pissed off I am at myself for publishing DS before it was truly ready. Friends, craft your novels carefully and don't release them into the wild before they're mature enough to survive. You'll kick yourself and cry and scream and throw a little hissy fit on your blog just like I'm doing now. Not pretty. (Hey, at least the experience was fun while it lasted, right?)

I'm going to try and find an agent for DS this time around, so your support is UTTERLY, UTTERLY important. Believe it or not, a well-established fan base could really be a selling point!

Anyway, join me over on TAT and get stoked for the updated three-chapter preview (which'll be available October 13th-ish). I miss you all and hope life is treating you super well.



  1. Omigosh,Kat! A new DS graphic novel? I'm so excited. I could not see Gabriel Spade as a graphic novel, but maybe Spy Academy.Wow, this is such good news! Very happy :)

    1. I don't believe I said anything about writing a graphic novel for DS, Yiyi! :P


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