Making of Monday [v.2]

February 17, 2014

I designed this cover for the re-release of my novella, Creation, in late 2012.  I'd had the concept in mind for a while and was glad to find stock images that could make it a reality. (In case you're wondering, the firework image makes an appearance on the last page of the novel. ;p )

If you've read the book, you've probably figured out the symbolism of Jess being trapped in the milk bottle. If you haven't read the book and want to find out, it's a short read (20K words) and is .99 on Amazon. (You can also read the first few pages of it on my blog.) A fair warning, though: Creation is character-driven and purposefully allegorical, meaning that my focus is more on the message and less on the plot. I know this style deters some readers, so there you have it. Consider yo'self disclaimed.

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